Stand for something. Make your life mean something.
Start where you are with what you have. You are enough.
– Germany Kent

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Happiness, constructive cooperation, change or positive impact – everything starts inside – with the human being. You have everything you need – you just need to put it together. Be it for your own life or for your team.

We support you and your team to recognize your own potential and to consciously develop it for a better today.
Developing people, teams and organizations for a Better Tomorrow.

Personal Coaching

For the individual and tailored solutions for entrepreneurs

Individual & Entrepreneur

– Personality development and
   goal setting for a happy life


– Deal with the „entrepreneur
– Master the skills that support  
   your independance journey

How does it work?

– Get to know session
– Goal setting
– Exploration
– Converging Phase
– Conclusion
– Feedback

Hybrid Trainings

Find your unique solutions to live freely each day

What are they?

– Learn new methods, skills, 
– Find your unique solutions
  to cope with each day anew in  
  the best possible way and to live

Example of topics
– Communication
– Know yourself (needs,
  purposeful goals, strengths,
– Time Management & goach
– The power of values

How does it work?

Our hybrid Trainings are a combination of:

– Self-education
– Live Sessions
– Sharing groups
– Personal Coaching

Team Coaching

Build your team long-term or for specific projects – both offline or remote

Why do we need it?

Team Coaching to
– solve a specific team issue
– set up a team for a specific
– find the best way to work
– build a team remote

How does it work?
The process consists of different steps:
– Goal setting
– Exploration Phase
– Converging Phase
– Wrap-up


– Young people (18-30)
– International projects
– Research projects

Individual & Entrepreneur

– Personality development and
   goal setting for a happy life


– Deal with the „entrepreneur
– Master the skills that support
   your independance journey

How does it work?

– Get to know session
– Goal setting
– Exploration
– Converging Phase
– Conclusion
– Feedback

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take Action Today!



An open & precise combination is a requirement to get where we want to be – with our clients and our team
(especially when working remote)



If you want to go fast, go alone;
if you want to go far, go together
African Proverb

We want to go far, and you?


As they say, creativity is intelligence having fun. We create the space for it in order to deliver tailored solutions.

Do it with Joy!

Enjoyment is our measuring instrument to understand if we are on the right track. Do the process & solution come with comfortable feeligns?



We create the safe space and opportunities to explore oneself and new approaches.



In a busy and ever-changing world, reliability has become one important resource in both individuals and companies.

Each month I note down new thoughts, strategies and opportunities on what helps to grow as a person or as an organization

6 + 7 =

Michelle George
Founder & CEO

Every individual has a unique potential and the possibility to make a positive impact on the world. That is my belief and that everyone carries a responsibility to seize that opportunity for a better world.

My personal vision is to build a place to support others on their path to live a satisfying and impactful life.

Saida Ibrahimava Creative Director

I am passionate about leadership and education. I teach how to approach big ideas and turn them into actions, how to think big and see a big picture while working on localised projects. I enjoy visualisation and creativity and know how to integrate them into any kind of work. Everyone has an ability to drive change, become true leaders and create value in their own lives and lives of others – that is my belief.

Working with Michelle means developing successful solutions and innovative training programs for both entrepreneurs and professionals.

Joanne Theisen

I love collecting, understanding and structuring information, then passing it on in a way that is easy to understand. My aim is to support people in their development of emotional, cognitive, behaviorial and social well-being. I believe that we can live relaxation and release, fulfilment, satisfaction, joy, love, success and connection. I am committed to meta-communication, project coordination, simple language, clarity and structure.

Working with Michelle alias RubixPotential means sharing visions, making plans, enjoying progress, learning new skills, attaining goals and having fun.

About Us

RubixPotential SARL-S is a social business with the mission to unleash human potential for positive social change.

We focus on the individual and their purpose in the big picture frame through a combination of services. Our training programs and workshops are built on scientific proven concepts and life-long learning methods with a human-centred focus.

„From every Coaching session with Michelle I have come away from every one of them with new insights and actionable ideas to improve both my personal and professional life. The holistic approach taken by Michelle has enabled me to power towards my goals and achieve more than I thought possible in that time. 

For anyone who wishes to unlock their full potential Michelle and her innovative and inspiring sessions have my highest recommendation. „

 Carl Antony Nuttall

Journey To a Better Me

8 Week Hybrid Training Program on self-development and goal achieving

Next program starting in May 2021

Transforming – Life-changing – Motivating

Calm me - powerful me

„Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power“
– Lao Tzu

4 Week Hybrid Training Program on Self-regulation strategies

Starting in April 2021

– For professionals
– For parents
– For anyone interested in self-regulation